BPISS CKC Ch Sepia Approaching Storm



Hips&Elbows OFA Excellent          Eyes OFA Cerf.          Heart OFA Cert.

Molli Bee a gentle soul.. everyone who meets Molli falls for her beautiful singing voice.....


 She currently resides with her owner, where she is spoiled and loved to the moon and back...with her son Remi... 

Alia also showed Miss Molli  too her Championship... Molli would do anything for Alia.. even jump over firepits .. (not lit of course).. together with her sister Asha .. they won Best Brace in Show... Molli never seems to surprise me.. I always knew she could do anything.. but she chooses to be by  her owners side and run till she can run no more... and that will be for a long long time...


Dont worry Dad I will show him the ropes..love u..

Can I keep him ..pleeassee